• Difference between Avant browser and Maxthon browser.

    Avant Explorer is a simple Web browser, it is personal and thoughtful. Pioneer Explorer is a standalone application designed to expand the possibilities offered by Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The plan contains a number of interesting features: Close pop-up window, the additional function of the mouse, tabbed browsing, integrated Google search, using a simple, consistent And function, such as Internet Explorer.

    Several key features:

    Customizable Flash animation filter- You can save up to 90% of Internet traffic by blocking the download of undesirable elements on the page - promotional flash movies, images, sounds, video, and ActiveX components. Setting options for the lock is performed by one click.

    Built in pop-up blocker.

    Built in RSS / ATOM Reader, allows you to view RSS / ATOM feeds as easily as Web pages.

    Additional features are the mouse- If you click on the middle mouse button, the link will open in a new tab in the background.

    Multiple interface- You can open multiple pages in tabs. All the open tabs can be easily stopped, updated or closed with one click.

    Supports full-screen mode, two options- Real Full Screen Mode and Alternative Full Desktop mode.

    Integrated search engine- Search for the desired information, pictures, music, videos or files from search engines Yahoo and Google. Full compatibility with Internet Explorer, because Avant Browser is working on his engine, and it automatically imports all the data.

    Protecting your personal information- You can easily remove all traces of your movements on the internet, clearing Cookies, your address and password history web sites, phrase queries and temporary Internet files.

    Safe Recovery- If Avant Browser is closed improperly, was, all open web pages are saved and automatically opened again at the next time.

    Support for skins- You can use many skins created by other users, or create your own using a special editor.

    Maxthon- web browser is driven in Internet Explorer. Features of version 2.x: highly customizable, enhanced filter advertising embedded on-line service Elect, improved RSS-aggregator, autofill forms, intelligent acceleration, wonderful skin, enhanced log of visits, enhanced support for proxies, separate user accounts, files and sniffer more.

    The final version of the browser Maxthon 2.5.2 to support the online collection and HTTP protocol so that Maxthon online collection of more reliable than ever before. Maxthon tabbed browsing has also strengthened the people, enabling more stable browser. This final version focused mainly on the optimization framework and the performance of the browser. Rather than adding new features.

    What's new in version

    Added an icon for the http-documents

    Changed the type of browser settings window by default

    Fixed installation of extensions, with the active-boss key

    Fixed some problems setting your default browser

    Fixed playback of flash in full screen

    Fixed problems that led to the collapse of kernelbase.dll

    Fixed the password on the sites of some banks.


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