• MS Internet Explorer: Not the Only Game in Town

    MS Internet Explorer: Not the Only Game in Town

    When you buy a computer you'll notice they all come
    pre-loaded with Microsoft Internet Explorer as the
    default browser. Everyone knows Bill Gates runs the
    Internet, right? Wrong! When it comes to browsers for
    surfing the Web, there are plenty of other choices...
    if you know where to look for them. So if you thought
    you were stuck using I.E., let's have a look at some
    of your other options.

    1) Safari: http://www.Apple.com/safari

    Safari is the browser of choice for most Mac users.
    Faster than Internet Explorer (at least that's the
    claim), it contains a built-in Google Search, tabbed
    interface to browse multiple sites at once, automatic
    form completion and more. Free to download.

    2) Mozilla: http://www.Mozilla.org/products/mozilla1.x/

    Also known as "Sea Monkey," Mozilla is open source soft-
    ware, so it's free. Mozilla is for Windows,Linux or Mac
    users. Browse several sites at once with the tabbed
    interface, block pop up ads and it even includes
    IRS Chat and a built-in Email client with Spam filters.

    3) Opera: http://www.Opera.com

    For Windows, Linux and Mac users alike. There are two
    versions; one free (which is ad supported) or for 39.00,
    you can lose the ads. Opera is very fast with a built-
    in email client that includes anti-spam filters. It
    also contains the usual pop up blockers and a nice
    little zoom function.

    4) OmniWeb: http://omnigroup.com/applications/omniweb

    An award-winning Web browser strictly for Mac users.
    Cost is 29.95. Features include ad blocking, history
    searching, website change notifications, even speech
    recognition. This is one powerful piece of software.

    5) Netscape Navigator:

    Although Netscape doesn't have the market share it
    enjoyed in the "old days", it's still alive
    and well. Netscape 7.1 is based on Mozilla 1.4;
    both programs are almost identical. Free to download.

    6) FireFox: [http://www.texturizer.net/firebird]

    Firefox (aka Firebird) is actually a stripped down version
    of Mozilla and built for speed. It's only a browser with
    no built-in email client, so if you need email you'll
    want to download its companion, Thunderbird, at

    Those who love Mozilla will find many of the same
    features here. With Firefox you can block pop ups,
    customize the toolbars, even change its appearance
    with the use of themes. For Windows, Linux and Mac
    users. Free.

    These are the heavyweight alternatives to MS Internet
    Explorer, but if you're looking for something a bit
    different you'll want to take a look at some
    of these browsers:

    1) Avant Browser: http://www.AvantBrowser.com

    A tabbed browser that's really fast and allows you
    to view multiple websites in a split window interface.

    2) SlimBrowser: http://www.FlashPeak.com

    A Windows-based browser with a price tag of zero.
    It's easy to customize the look of this browser
    with the use of skins. Includes a spell checker,pop
    up killers, and a tool for filling in forms. Also
    includes a language tab for translating different

    3) MyIE2: http://www.MyIE2.com

    Fashioned after Internet Explorer, this tabbed browser
    is served up at no charge, but they do ask for donations
    if you're feeling especially charitable.

    4) NetCaptor: http://www.NetCaptor.com

    Built on top of I.E.'s interface (without the security
    flaws), it's another tabbed browser for power users. Free
    version is called "Personal Edition," which contains
    sponsored ads or you can upgrade to "NetCaptor Pro" for
    only 29.95.

    If you're not happy with Internet Explorer, or maybe
    you're just ready to try something new, download one
    of these browsers and take "her for a spin." Like a
    new Car you just meant to take for a "test drive," you
    may fall in love and decide to keep it permanently.
    Stranger things have happened!

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