• Install Avant Window Navigator (AWN) Dependencies

    You can install Avant Window Navigator from the Ubuntu Software Center application.


    Open the Ubuntu Software Center.

    Click in the search field found in the top right corner of the application's window and type "avant" (without quotes). The Avant Window Navigator package with its dependencies included will be displayed in the list of results.

    Click the Avant Window Navigator software package listing to select it, then click the "Install" button on the right.

    Enter the administrator password to authenticate the installation, then click "Authenticate." The Ubuntu Software Center will download the Avant Window Navigator and automatically install it.

    Click the "In Progress" tab on the left of the application's window to monitor the installation's status. A notification will appear when the installation is complete, and the Ubuntu Software Center window will display to the information page for the Avant Window Navigator.

    Read more: http://goo.gl/VWEwO


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