• Save Avant Browser Bookmarks to Internet Explorer

    Avant Browser is an alternative Web browser that utilizes the Internet Explorer Trident rendering engine to display Web pages. The latest versions of Internet Explorer have integrated numerous features that Avant Browser had offered, including tabbed browsing, private mode and Real Simple Syndication (RSS) support. Switching from Avant Browser back to Internet Explorer requires that you export the bookmarks from Avant Browser so that you can save them into the Internet Explorer interface, as Avant Browser does not utilize the Internet Explorer "Favorites" folder to store these files.


    Launch Avant Browser.

    Select "File" and then "Export Bookmarks" and save the bookmarks file to a location of your choice.

    Launch Internet Explorer.

    Select "Favorites" and then click the drop-down arrow at the end of the "Add to Favorites" button and click "Import and Export."

    Select "Import from a file" and then click "Next."

    Select "Favorites" and then click "Next.'

    Click "Browse" and select the bookmarks file you exported from Avant Browser and then click "Next."

    Select the folder where you wish to save the Avant Browser bookmarks and then click "Import." Your Avant Browser bookmarks will be added to the Internet Explorer "Favorites" menu.

    Read more: http://goo.gl/ti5WH


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