• What Toolbars Work With Avant

    Avant Browser is a web browser that you can download free. This browser is an alternative to other browsers such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Just like the other browsers, you can download video files, set your browsing to private mode, bookmark websites and add toolbars. Besides the eight toolbars that Avant Browser offers, you can install additional toolbars and Avant Browser continues to update its system to work with other toolbars.

    Google Toolbar

    Avant Browser supports the Google toolbars. You can download the Google Toolbar free from the Google website. The toolbar has helpful buttons that can make your browsing the Internet easier. This toolbar has the ability to provide helpful search suggestions from your current Google bookmarks and your personal search history or popular Google searches when you use the search box. The Google toolbar lets you customize buttons for you to review and access your most visited sites.

    RoboForm Toolbar

    RoboForm is a small toolbar that allows you to access your favorite applications and websites without entering your login information for every visit. It automatically saves your login information when you first enter your favorite websites. After the initial login, you won't need to enter your information again. You can create a single master password that secures your login information for all websites and applications. The toolbar also allows you to enter your personal information, such as names, phone numbers, email addresses and home addresses into a system for use to complete registration or checkout forms online. Additionally, you can create separate accounts for various locations such as work, home or school.

    Yahoo! Toolbar

    The Yahoo! Toolbar operates with the Avant Browser. Once you download one of the Yahoo! Toolbars free from Yahoo!, you can see a glimpse of the latest news, check the weather, review your email, read your social networking sites and a host of other activities. For example, the Yahoo! sports toolbar gives you access to the latest sports news and scores for football, basketball, baseball and other sports. Additionally, the Yahoo! finance toolbar helps you track analyst coverage and stock information in real time.

    Request Toolbar From Avant

    You can request that Avant Browser add toolbars or new features to its toolbars. However, before sending a request Avant Browser prefers and asks you to review its Master Request/Suggestion List first. You can find the list in the Avant Browser forum under the "Avant Browser" category; click the "Avant Browser Requests" discussion and search for "Master Request/Suggestion List." You can review the most popular requested browser changes before you submit a request.

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