• Avant Browser 11.6 - Build 13

    Normally I don’t use Avant Browser. Instead I prefer to use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. However, today I decided to change my browser. While searching for the browser I came across the new version of Avant Explorer…. This is how I found out that there is a new version of this Internet Explorer based browser. The new version is 11.6 - Build 13.

    Featuers’s of new versionof Avant Explorer :

    • Fixed the bug that unexpected history records are listed under history button.
    • Fixed the bug that tabs don’t open in sequence each time Avant starts.
    • Fixed the bug that while right clicking on avant.exe the version number is inconsistent with the real one.
    • Fixed the window resizing bug after switching back from Full Screen and Desktop mode.
    • Fixed the bug that the search key cut unexpectedly in search box.
    • Fixed the bug that the Taskbar Button could not be hidden.

    I haven’t used it that much but still it’s good as far as its features and appearance is concerned.

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