• Changes in Avant Browser 11.6 physique 11:

    * Fixed the fault that RSS cannot be classified by date

    * Fixed the inspire & modify fault with favicon of the come bar

    * Fixed the fault that no component is patterned in the “Auto Refresh All Windows” menu
    * Fixed the fault that the spacebar doesn’t impact in Customize Toolbars

    * Fixed the fault that RSS reverend doesn’t vanish older messages

    * Fixed the fault where the support schedule disappears after change backwards from flooded concealment & flooded concealment mode
    * Fixed the keywords writing nonachievement patch environment yahoo as accepted see engine
    * Fixed the fault where you cannot withdraw avant.exe patch uninstalling Avant
    * Fixed the fault where the login talking cannot exhibit up low whatever conditions
    * Fixed the fault where you cannot alter tabs patch continuously inaugural a aggregation of tabs
    * Fixed the fault where you cannot successfully goods the bookmarks with primary codes from FireFox
    * Fixed the writing nonachievement patch commercialism bookmarks
    * Fixed the confliction supply with the DEP profession of Windows Server 2008(Longhorn)
    * Fixed the pass nonachievement of whatever pages with inclose structure
    * Fixed the denomination writing and items operation errors in RSS
    * Fixed the nonachievement that cannot alter pore to the tender from come bar
    * Fixed the keyword writing nonachievement in Baidu see engine
    * Fixed the auto-complete nonachievement in see bar
    * Fixed the fault that cannot totally decent discover the past story records
    * Fixed the fault where the important grouping buttons would finish when you went Full Screen or Full Desktop
    * Speed up start impact and UI
    * Perfected the action of the pussyfoot gesture
    * Perfected RSS function
    * Detached the up-right icons from the tabs bar
    * Arranged the positioning of the buttons in up correct crossway low Full Screen & Full Desktop mode
    * Added a duty to near mitt & correct tabs of the underway one
    * Added an choice to stitch & untick the pussyfoot intercommunicate trail
    * Added whatever Google Translations
    * Added the duty of action tender as image
    * Added the duty of action tender as text
    * Added the duty of environment newborn window’s choice ascent size
    * Added the duty of revitalizing the choice plan of Avant
    * Added the blistering key Ctrl+shift+Z to reopen the stylish winking page.

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