• Less energy consumption with better power management in Windows 7

    Strong power management features in Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7 or windows xp 7,promise to enhance the longevity of

    the battery of your laptop.

    Windows 7 manages with less background activities and therefore doesn’t consume much energy and draw less power. This reduces the energy cost and enhances the battery life.

    Windows 7 also provides diagnostic tools that help manufacturers to troubleshoot the power management issues. The tools are functional in reducing power consumption, enhancing

    user experience and providing better way of managing power consumption.

    This, in turn, significantly helps businesses minimize energy footprint and reduce carbon emissions. Microsoft is strongly focused on reducing the overall power consumption by

    managing the performance optimization and device power management.

    The energy efficiency and longer battery life in Windows 7 are highly beneficial for portable computers. Moreover, better tools option is specially designed for the IT

    professionals as it will help them to resolve power management related issues.

    Power management issues in Windows latest avatar are more accessible and prominent than its earlier versions, which also allow the user to customize the settings.

    There is an automatic sleep mode option, by default, which automatically dim after certain time allowing the end users to adjust the power management settings without going into

    the Control Panel.

    Microsoft is also looking forward to resolve the driver conflict. 30 new features were included in Windows Vista which have been further elevated in Windows 7.

    There are other innovations too that include less power consuming DVD playback, automatic screen dimming, powering off unused ports, and battery-life indicator. Although better

    Power Management panel has been included in Windows 7, Microsoft has released a power management guide that describes Power Management enhancement in the operating system, and also includes instructions on reducing power consumption.


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