• Save Time With A Tabbed Browser

    When you work on the Internet, a tabbed browser is a very useful tool. Working with a tabbed browser will save time on mundane daily tasks and will help to ensure you don't overlook any regular tasks. Tabbed browsers also have the advantage of being completely free and you can download one from the Internet in seconds.

    Tabbed browsing allows you to open multiple web pages within a single browser window. Internet Explorer does not support tabbed browsing. Once you switch to a tabbed browser, you'll never go back to Internet Explorer.

    With a tabbed browser you can arrange tasks in groups to suit what you need to do. For instance, if you submit advertisements to safe lists every Monday and Wednesday, you can save all the safe list website addresses in groups called Monday Ads" and "Wednesday Ads" (or any names you choose). Then, when Monday or Wednesday arrives, you just click on the appropriate group tab and all the websites will automatically open up in separate pages within your browser. You might have daily tasks to perform, such as checking your commission earnings or checking several email accounts or surfing several traffic exchanges. You can save these websites in separate groups.

    When you surf traffic exchanges you will certainly feel the benefits of tabbed browsing. If you use traffic exchange advertising, you will want to make sure you don't overlook surfing any of the sites. Saving all your traffic exchange websites in a group (or groups if you surf a large number of sites) will mean you don't forget any and you will save time by accessing them with one click.

    Choose one of the following tabbed browsers: Mozilla Firefox or Crazy Browser. There is a third fairly well-known tabbed browser called Avant Browser but it is less popular and I disliked it when I tried it out, so I never recommend it. Crazy Browser and Avant Browser are based on Internet Explorer and inherit Internet Explorer's weaknesses when it comes to letting in annoying pop-up advertisements. Firefox is a product of Mozilla.

    Firefox is generally accepted to be the best tabbed browser for surfing traffic exchanges as it protects you from practically all pop-ups. Crazy Browser is better for editing websites through certain control panels. Another useful feature of Firefox is that it is compatible with the Google toolbar.

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