• How to: Tabs in Avant Browser ?

    The Avant Browser is preloaded with tabbed browsing, as well as multiple skins, several toolbars and navigation controls. You can add icons to the toolbars and customize them to the way you want them to look. The tabs in the Avant Browser are used in the same way as Firefox or Internet Explorer tabs.


    Open the Avant Browser by clicking the icon on the desktop or through the Start menu. It opens with a single active tab. If you want to add another tab ,click the "+" sign next to the active tab. You can add as many tabs as you wish by clicking the "+" sign. You can also click "File" at the top and select "New" then click "Tab," and a new tab will open.

    Click "View," then "Toolbars," and click "Windows Tabs" to turn tabs on. You can also turn the tabs off by clicking "View," then "Toolbars," and then clicking "Windows Tabs" to remove the check mark.

    Click "Tools" and "Tab Options." You will notice a sidebar menu with different tab options. You can check "Fixed Width" and the tabs will not change size no matter how many you have. You can also check "Show underline for active tab" and the active tab will be underlined. If you choose "Show underline for unread tabs," all tabs except for the active tab will be underlined. If you check "Show close button," each tab will have a small "X" that you can click to close the tab. You can choose to show the close button on only the active tab, all tabs or no tabs.

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