• Avant Browser 11

    Avant Browser 11 (build 25 released on October 23, 2006), introduces more new features than any previous iteration. These include support for many toolbars that are compatible with IE, a facility for users to create their own scripted toolbar buttons, and a password and form-filling wizard. The overall trend though seems to be a gradual movement away from Avant's IE roots.

    More radical is the addition of a native bookmark system in place of sharing IE's favorites. These bookmarks may be stored online - as can feeds, autofills, and browser settings. This allows the user to synchronize any number of Avant installations on different computers. Avant can still share IE's favorites. This option was reintroduced by the developer after some users lamented its loss.

    Another innovation is that Avant may now be run from a flash drive (or other portable storage device such as an MP3 player) without needing to be installed. In conjunction with Avant's session saving facility, this allows the user to halt a browsing session on one PC, move to another and resume viewing the same web pages.


    • Compatible with many IE toolbars and add-ins, including Google toolbar
    • Facility for user to add custom-made function buttons
    • RSS feed reader built in
    • URL alias facility to create keyboard shortcuts to favorite sites
    • Page zoom slider - 25% to 500%
    • Full desktop mode - hides toolbars
    • Full screen mode - hides toolbars and taskbar
    • Compact mode - saves interface space
    • Boss button - quickly hides browser
    • Tray icon - keeps Avant running in system tray for fast access (optional)
    • Mouse gestures (customizable)
    • Autoscroll facility for hands-free reading
    • Context-activated floating toolbars to save and edit images, text and Flash
    • Customisable right-click menu entries
    • Quick translation menu
    • 15 interface languages available so far
    • Automatic page refresh at custom intervals
    • Sidebar access to:
      • Advanced search
      • Blocked URL record
      • History
      • Bookmarks
      • Feeds


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