• Avant Browser - secure web browser based on IE

    Avant is a next generation tabbed web browser based on the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) core. Avant acts and feels much like IE except it is has many more security features than IE’s traditional offering. Avant has a built-in popup blocker. Nothing new you say? Well Avant’s popup blocker will block various Active X controls and Flash (.SWF) files as well. Avant also has a nice auto privacy cleaner that helps erase any tracking cookies and residual browser history after websurfing. From the Avant website:

    Top Rated Features of Avant Browser

    Online Profile Storage


    Flash Animation Filter

    Built-in AD/Pop-up Blocker

    Built-in RSS/ATOM Reader

    Additional Mouse Functions

    Multi-Window Browsing

    Real Full Screen Mode and Alternative Full Desktop mode

    Built-in Search Engine

    Full IE Compatibility

    Control Your Privacy

    Safe Recovery

    Customizable Skins

    source- dixlinx.com/


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