• How to Get The Web Browser That Fits Your Needs (Windows)

    Many people will settle for the web browser already installed with their OS, but the question is, is there a better alternative browser out there (offered free to the public) that cater more to your personal needs. Hopefully this listing will help you in making that decision.

    Read the preface to each of these programs and decide which is right for you!

    [OPERA] My personal favorite, Opera offers quick web surfing in a highly attractive, streamlined interface and features tabbed browsing, password memory, fully customizable appearance, pop-up blocker, "Speed Dial" (a genius tabbed display of your saved web sites for easy access), and tons of other clever features! Visit opera.com or click on the "Get Opera" link under resources to download it.

    [FLOCK] Is a speedy, handsomely designed program that offers customizable themes, tabbed web browsing, password memory, pop-up blocker, custom add-ons and much more! A great program for people who do a lot of media searching or are big web blog and forum fans. Visit flock.com or click on the "Get Flock" link under resources to download it.

    [FIREFOX] Still one of the best out there, Mozilla's Firefox has a fully customizable appearance, tons of add-onns, built in spell check, pop-up blocker, secure password memory, and much more! Visit mozilla.com or click on the "Get Firefox" link under resources to download it.

    [AVANT] A fast, secure, and easy to use web browser. Features an online profile you can set up and store for use anywhere, password memory, RSS/ATOM Reader, mouse gesture commands, pop-up blocker, and more! Visit avantbrowser.com or click on the "Get Avant" link under resources to download it.

    [INTERNET EXPLORER] This heavier browser (most are familiar with) offers tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, password memory, and many more features. Visit microsoft.com or click on the "Get Internet Explorer" link under resources to download it.

    [Google Chrome] A simple looking web browser packed full of technological features! The "new tabs" feature displays photo icons of recently viewed pages you can click on to return to that page, dynamic tab browsing, crash control, web browsing without a recorded history, instant bookmarking, and much more! Visit google.com/chrome or click on the "Get Google Chrome" link under resources to download it.


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