• Multi-tabbed Browsers Ease Surfing Frustration

    The solution to this quandary lies in the next generation browser that is exponentially more functional and user friendly than its predecessors. These multi-tabbed browsers that have found their way onto the desktops and into the hearts of surfers everywhere. There are many different multi-tabbed browsers currently available, some free, some not. Some examples of these include the Maxathon, the Avant, and the Crazy Browser. Each of these can be freely downloaded and will enhance your surfing experience.

    The developers of these multi-tabbed browsers were definitely web surfers in a past life. They have incorporated numerous features into these products that make any task much more enjoyable and productive. All windows are opened in a single browser pane and each site's tab is clearly labeled with the site name and a progress meter. Login pages for traffic sites can be stored and managed in groups and simultaneously loaded by selecting that group. Depending on your connection speed, 10 or more pages can make up a single group. Another revolutionary feature that sets them apart is the "mouse gestures" option. By holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse in a pre-determined fashion, you are then able to command the browser's forward, back, refresh, and close functions as well as opening new windows and viewing source codes. External tool bar selections allow you to open a different application without clicking away from the browser. They support all IE functions, but the features vary, so it is wise to do a little research to find the perfect one for your needs.

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