• Multiple Browser Compatible PSD-To-XHTML Conversion at Top Priority

    Now-a-days, the multiple browser compatible PSD-to-XHTML conversion is at the top most priority in the web development industry. The cross browser compatibility and W3C standard validation are the prime need of the extremely ultra next generation. Therefore, it is necessary that a web portal runs efficiently on all the browsers and different operating systems without any image distraction for proper functionality and usability.

    Need for multiple browser compatible PSD-to-XHTML conversion:

    Presently, there are various web browses and operating systems are available in the market like Internet Explorer 8, 7, 6 and 5.5, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome etc. With so many browsers and operating systems, online visitors have free choice of using any browser depending upon their requirement. So, it is quite pre-requisite that a web portal should be highly compatible with all the major browsers and operating systems.

    Now-a-days, web developers are used to convert PSD to XHTML in order to add accessibility and interactivity in the static web layouts. Earlier, strong HTML mark-up language has been used for coding a PSD based web templates. Due to lack of few things HTML get replaced with extremely eminent eXtensible HyperText Markup Language. The predominant XHTML is considered more simplified extension of the standard HTML mark up language.

    It is a well known fact that a PSD format based image files need to be converted into a easy-to-understand language so that all the web browsers and operating systems can read them properly. The predominant XHTML mark-up language is considered the most fundamental step highly responsible for visual consistency of custom web design across all the browsers and platforms.

    In the marketplace, there are myriad web development companies offering affordable PSD to XHTML conversion service. In fact, hiring virtual assistance of a dedicated web programmer constitutes loads of benefits such as clean hand coded (X)HTML strict markup with W3C standards validation, cross browser compatibility, full technical and customer support, source code authorization and lots more. Therefore, it is advisable to hire XHTML developer in order to get highly functional, fully optimized, accessible web portal with browser specific code.

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