• Repair Internet Connections

    The Internet has become an integral part of our lives today. It aggravates you when you have an Internet connection problem. When it comes to Internet repair, this can be one of the most challenging problems to solve. Before you look for and call professional help try some of the steps given bellow. If you find that you are getting an error report saying '404 Error' server not found, It means you need to look into the problem.

    The first step is to try to restart your computer. After it reboots double click your browser Icon and try again.

    If you are Unable to connect to Internet try the Internet repair tool. If you right click on network icon (looks like two monitors) visible on your computer at the right hand side at the bottom of the screen where you see the clock. When you right click it go to 'repair' and select it. If you can not find the icon then you will have to go to the control panel and access network connections. Then right click on the connection you are trying to repair, the wireless network or the LAN and then select 'repair'. If you are using Windows Vista instead of XP then you will find the steps are the same only wording may be different instead of repair you will find diagnose and repair option. Once you select the correct option Windows will automatically try and repair itself. You will get the message once it is done and you should be able to use internet effectively.

    If you are are still unable to connect to the Internet try to reboot your modem that your Service Provider gave you. The problem could be at your internet service provider's end. Make sure to call him and ask him to reset it at his end if you still can't connect. He can also check to see if your connection is good. Generally by taking these steps you can repair your internet connection.

    Sometimes you get connected but the speed is very slow. To increase the internet connection speed you need to take few steps. (If you don't understand this call your local service provider or contact a technician).

    o You can check your IP address and gateway for internet connection. (normally you will need your Internet provider to help you with this)

    o Disable network connection and again enable the connection.

    o Restart your computer.

    If your computer has viruses then it will affect the internet speed. To keep spyware, adware and Trojan viruses off your computer you need to use effective anti-virus program. Also Remove all history and temporary files from your computer. Go to internet option in Internet Explore and select 'delete browsing history' and 'delete temporary files'. This may vary according to the browser you are using.

    If none of these work then it is time to call for professional help and set things right! Most internet providers can help you work through these problems.

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