• Control the Internet with Avant Browser

    Avant Browser is continuously improving its long list of characteristics. This browser includes many more options than the ones in Internet Explorer. Merely as an example, there are useful features, such as the possibility of automatically loading pre-set websites, or the integration of a download manager. Additionally, Avant Browser saves user profiles online, covering bookmarks and form automatic fill-in. No matter then where or which computer you are browsing with. Every data and user information will be at hand. And every change, either in your bookmarks or in your profile will be saved for further use.

    With this application, internet browsing is made even more efficient. Tabs and direct Access to website control options are only a sample of those productivity features. Users can set up the refresh frequency of each tab. An RSS feeds and a powerful bookmarks manager are also integrated in this excellent browser.
    Not only is Avant Browser such a useful and powerful browser, it is also specially designed for granting user’s privacy. With only one click, all the browsing session information can be deleted, pop ups can be locked, bookmarks can be activated or deactivated, or even, a website or part of it can be converted into a picture file. Even the forms auto fill-in feature is able to preserve the privacy: all the personal information is encoded.

    To conclude, Avant Browser is a browser ahead of its time and ahead of the Internet itself. For the time being, and waiting for the overall adoption of IE 7 and Opera or Firefox, it is probably the most advanced available browser.

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