• Avant Browser 11.7 build 321997

    Che Anderson, founder and sole werknemenr of Avant Force, has a new version of Avant Browser the door done. This web browser is part of Internet Explorer, but adds additional functionality such as a pop-up blocker, tabbed browsing, a search and the possibility of the appearance of skins with the program to adapt. Some of these possibilities are already by version 7 of IE, but Avant Browser can be used from Internet Explorer 5.5. Since version 11 is it possible to store your profile online, so everywhere you access your bookmarks, rss feeds and settings. Here is what is found in the program has changed since the last entry in the Menu Tracker:

    Changes in Avant Browser 11.7 build 32:
    * Force using CTRL + N to open new created pages in foreground
    * Removed the CTRL + DEL shortcut

    Changes in Avant Browser 11.7 build 31:
    * Fixed scrolling tabs with mouse wheel on 64 bit system

    Changes in Avant Browser 11.7 build 30:
    * Fixed the bug of being unable to hide Avant Browser with CTRL+`
    * Fixed miscoded Recently Bookmarked items

    Changes in Avant Browser 11.7 build 29:
    * Fixed double application shortcuts bug in desktop
    * Fixed the problem with font size(too small) if DPI was set to 120
    * Fixed the bug that IE Addons disappear fr
    * Fixed Options Window’s UI language problem when the Avant Browser is hidden


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