• Avant Browser - Navigation & Feature Option.

    Avant Browser is a multi-browser with unique features that make it possible for this browser, one of your favorites.

    Avant Browser is based on the engine of Internet Explorer, it keeps all its configuration and offers: Stop Pop-up: Removes annoying pop-up windows automatically additional function of the mouse: If you click on a link to the half of the mouse button, the link will open in a new window holding the right button and then clicking the left button, the page will navigate an active step back Holding the left button and clicking the right button, navigate the current page a step down the Shift key while clicking on a link item in Favorites, History, Recent, or address, it will open in a new window by pressing the CTRL key while opening a new window, open it in the background

    Navigation Options :-
    Avant Browser lets you block images, videos, sounds and ActiveX components on a page, this allows you to save bandwidth when navigating multi-browser you can browse multiple web pages simultaneously, all open pages are easily closed, detained, or cooled closed with just one click on Google Search Integrated Cleaner: With this function you can easily keep your privacy and clean recently visited addresses, passwords, cookies and temporary Internet files security.

    If Avant Browser closes at a bad time, all sites have been kept open and can be automatically reopened the next time you open your browser compatibility with Internet Explorer, including Java Script, Cookies, Real player, Media Player, Favorites, Macromedia Flash and ActiveX Controls.


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