• How to Fix Common Internet Explorer Errors

    What is the most popular Web Browser on the earth? Of course, the answer is "Internet Explorer" (also known as IE). However, if you used to visit website with Internet Explorer or if you are using it as your browser, you must encounter errors popping-up dialogue box and forced to close the windows you were visiting many times. As long as you surf on the internet with IE, it is unavoidable for you to encounter such trouble. In this article, the author will share some specific methods with you so that you can solve such common problems manually.

    1) "Internal Error Occurred"Error Message Using Internet Explorer.

    *Symptoms*: When you are using IE to visit some website, perhaps you will receive an error message:" Application has performed an illegal operation and must close." If you click "OK" button, another error message would appear absolutely: "Internal Error Occurred....."Then click "OK", all of the webpage you opened with this browser will be closed immediately.

    *Cause*: This Internet Explorer error would be caused by many factors such as shortage of memory resource, unmatchable IE security settings, conflicts with other applications, invalid or wrong code in the website you were surfing..... All of these could cause the error message. Try to fix this error with more patience.

    *Resolution*: a. Close those webpage which you do not need to visit temporarily. Open too much webpage at one time will absolutely occupy much both physical memory and virtual memory. This action of course will increase probability of the error popping-up. If you try to run some large programs, it is highly recommended that you do not open more than five webpage at a time.
    b. Debase the Security Level of Internet Explorer: Open IE--Internet Options--Security-Custom Level--Select Medium-low-OK.

    c. Upgrade your Internet Explorer to the latest version. Download Link for IE 6.0 SP1: download.microsoft.com

    2) Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site---Operation Aborted

    *Symptoms*: You cannot open even a hyperlink on the website you are visiting. There is no any respond from the IE.

    *Cause*: Such error would be caused by the broken module of the new window.

    *Resolution*: Click "Start"---"Run"---Type in regsvr32 actxprxy.dll and regsvr32 shdocvw.dll respectively then click "Enter" to re-register these two Dll files. Reboot your computer after that. If you still fail to fix this error please re-register mshtml.dll, urlmon.dll, msjava.dll, browseui.dll, oleaut32.dll, shell32.dll again. Of course, another effectively way to re-register all of dll files is to download a registry cleaner to fix Internet Explorer errors directly.

    Source: http://goo.gl/3MxXI


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