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    You may have notice that after you have downloaded some files or programs from the Internet, your homepage of the explorer will likely be changed. Many people resort to changing the settings of the Internet Options and some will ignore this. But most of them are not aware that the system has been secretly altered until the big errors occur. IE is the eye of the PC users to the outside world, which makes it the most possible one to be attacked by malicious programs. Because of this, you will probably encounter the malfunction of it and have to do something. You have to slow down your pace and take a look at the problems you may meet.

    For IE 5, there will be problems caused by out-of-date files, incorrect or incomplete registration of files. You can use the explorer repair tool in the Control Panel. If the repair tool detects an error, it might correct it automatically; in this case, you need restart your computer to complete the repair process. For certain types of errors, if you have received the error message "Internet Explorer 5 cannot be repaired. Please reinstall it", or other errors, it means the above repairs do not help.

    Internet Explorer 6.x is very tightly integrated into Windows, more so than other programs. Microsoft does not offer any way to repair it through the Add/Remove Programs control panel. To repair or reinstall the browser you need the Windows CD. Run "sfc /scan now" and you will be prompted to provide the Windows CD. You can complete it by following a few steps. There will be messages if the repair fails.

    In this case, you can reinstall the explorer. But you have to edit the registry to make Windows allow a full reinstallation of it. It is really time-consuming and risky to do the registry editing. Any error in editing registry can potentially cause Windows unable to boot, requiring you to reinstall Windows. What can we do if the reinstallation fails due to that we can not do registry editing properly? Actually, we can be relaxed when our Internet Explorer doesn't work properly, because there are so many standby tools available in the market. They are designed for solve the situations that the Internet Explorer is not working smoothly. Internet Explorer always stays minimised, new windows can not be opened with Internet Explorer hyperlink, and so on.

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