• Orca Browser is to Firefox 3 what Avant Browser is to Internet Explorer

    Orca Browser is a web browser based on Firefox 3 which offers a bunch of features that you'd only get in Firefox by adding plugins and tweaking your browser settings. Orca is made by the same folks who develop the Avant Browser, which is based on Internet Explorer. So what does Orca offer that you won't find in the standard version of Firefox 3? First up, it's fast. Like ridiculously fast. Like, if you thought Firefox 3 rendered web pages more quickly than Firefox 2, you an't seen nothing yet fast. If that's not enough for you, there's also a service that lets you save your passwords, bookmarks, RSS feeds and other configuration settings online. That way you can sync your settings between Orca browsers installed on multiple machines.Orca is also extremely customizable. You can adjust the toolbars and other elements of the browser with just a few clicks. And Orca comes with about 20 skins preloaded, making it easy to change the color scheme. The only major problems we see is that Orca des not support Firefox 3 add-ons, and that the browser is Windows only.

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    Orca Browser is Avant for Firefox
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    Avant Browser + Firefox = Dr. Orca


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