• Little Browser With a Lot of Kick and Cool Features

    All Internet browsers will get you on the Internet, but they all have different features. The Avant Browser is a little known, yet pretty good and very fast browser. It has some cool features, some of them are mentioned below:
    Here are some of the features you may like about the Avant Browser:
    Blocks Pop Ups
    You know those annoying pop up ads you get all the time? No more! Avant Browser takes care of them before they get to you. The pop up blocker on the Avant Browser lets you browse the Internet without being bothered by pop up ads constantly.
    Fast Page Loading
    The Avant Browser uses as few system resources as it can. This ensures that your Web pages load faster so you can surf more of the Web. The Avant Browser makes waiting for your pages to load a thing of the past.
    Change the way your browser looks and functions. Using Avant Browser's skins you can add colors to your browser and change the way the icons look. There are also lots of options that you can turn on and off to make the browser work the way you want it to.
    Start At the End
    Every time you open your Avant Browser you can start back up right where you left off during your last Internet session. If you have to close your browser while you're working on something, you can be sure that the browser will open at the page you were on when it closed. Now you won't forget what it was you were doing when you closed the browser.
    Refresh Tabs
    Tell the browser when you want to refresh tabs or set them up to refresh every so often. If you're waiting for a blog entry to post, but you don't want to sit around waiting for it and refreshing the window constantly, set up the tab to refresh on it's own.
    Avant Browser has a build in search bar so you can search the Web, or search for graphics and clip art, news, song lyrics, software and even search through discussion groups. You won't have to go to the Google homepage to do your searches with the Avant Browser, you can search right from the browser itself.
    Import Bookmarks
    Avant Browser automatically imports your Internet Explorer Favorites when you install the browser. If you want to import your Bookmarks from another browser you can do so by using the "Import" feature in the "File" menu.
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    Little Browser With a Lot of Kick and Cool Features
    Orca Browser is to Firefox 3 what Avant Browser is to Internet Explorer
    Featured Freeware: Avant Browser
    Avant Browser 11.6 Build 17
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  1. Aman Jain says:

    I didnt know avant browser before your post . Now I ll use it to experiment ..!

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