• Avant Force Joins The Browser Wars By Releasing New Orca Web Browser Based on Firefox Platform.

    Avant Force, creators of the critically acclaimed Avant Browser, today announced the launch of the new Orca web browser. The Orca Browser is an extremely fast and user-friendly web browser designed to add key functionality out of the box (and not requiring additional extensions) based on the Gecko 1.9 (Firebox 3) platform. Theocrat Browser is dedicated to supporting socially responsible causes such asimproving the environment which will be part of future initiatives.
    With the recently launched Google Chrome browser based on Apple's webkit,the same rendering engine powering the Safari browser, Avant Force shows support for Firefox with Orca. The Orca Browser supports Firefox extensions and includes many new features which do not require any type of additional extension downloads that may cause speed or performance limitations. They include the following:
    -- Avant Online Storage allows users to create a unique account with username and password to save and access personal settings such as bookmarks, RSS feeds, configurations and web passwords. Conveniently access personal data from any location such as your office, home or Internet café. -- Ad Blocker and Flash Blocker included settings help dramatically increase surfing speeds when enabled -- Built-in RSS/ATOM Reader: read RSS/ATOM feeds just like browsing web pages, and keep your favorite feeds as bookmarks. -- Auto Form-Filler allows user to have a master security password to memorize multiple log ins/passwords for user visited sites -- Multiple User Preferences such as selecting browser skins and button customization -- Additional Mouse Functions: Open new windows with the middle mouse button: great for opening forum posts. Also includes customizable Mouse Gestures to easily navigate the browser by moving the mouse.
    "Due to the tremendous success and adoption of the Avant Browser, wereceived many requests to provide the same type of experience on the moreopen Firefox platform," stated Anderson Du, president of Avant Force. "We spent over 3 years of research and development time to create features which really improve the user experience on the new Orca Browser. We are pleased that we are able to address the needs of our loyal user base."
    About Avant Force
    Avant Force is a leading browser provider with one of the top downloaded browser applications "Avant Browser" as rated by CNET's downloads.com.Avant has been an innovator in improving user experience by implementing many groundbreaking features such as online profile storage, tab browsing, auto fill password protection, advanced privacy controls and much, much more. Additionally, Avant Force is known for developing applications withlightening speed, easy to use GUIs and strong stability.
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    Orca Browser is to Firefox 3 what Avant Browser is to Internet Explorer
    Orca Browser is Avant for Firefox
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